6.Sandra Payne(non-registered)
Hello Suzanne!
So wonderful to see your website! I am still in NYC in the East Village. Looking forward to a return visit to Tampa, possibly in March!
Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!
4.suzanne kreis(non-registered)
Suzanne, Noted that you have work in the Cube, new to me and now on must see list....will be up from Sarasota soon. Your recent work grand even in PC format... a giant step away from rats in the attic of long ago! Which I loved and related to. My work got BIG for my MFA and drifted off....or dissolved as nonarchival works do. So, now, I am the audience.
Fond Memories, Suzi K
3.Craig Forsell(non-registered)
I wish I had taken the time to record the then already decaying and delapidated collection of nursery rhymes and fairy tale figures that used to be across the rainbow bridge from the old zoo. There was always something else to do. Life gets busy and it never happens. Glad you got these.
1.Sharon McLane(non-registered)
Suzanne, I remember taking Meryl to Safety Village when she was little. Your images brought back memories.
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